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THINGS to do in Swansea, Gower and Mumbles

Discover the best restaurants in Swansea , exciting Gower activities or visit Mumbles' historic sites

Gower and the surrounding areas offer a number of diverse and engaging things to do – whether you are looking to go on a holiday in the region, a short break or visit just for a day, you will be able to find the perfect activity.

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The range of things to do in Gower caters to all sorts of visitors – depending on your interests and the type of holiday or day trip you have planned. You can choose to visit the stunning historical landmarks in the region, exploring mystical castles and heritage sites, have a leisurely stroll and bask in the sunshine on one of the many stunning beaches, or engage in some of the more dynamic outdoor activities Gower has to offer, such as surfing and hiking. Or, if you are a foodie who enjoys the odd bit of leisurely shopping, you would be pleased to know that the busy town streets of Swansea, Mumbles and Gower offer an array of places to dine or grab a coffee scattered in between indie shops and high-street retailers.

Nature lovers needn’t stray too far to find a picturesque spot to relax with a good book away from the busy streets, or take their family for an afternoon picnic – Swansea has a number of award-winning gardens and parks to offer for the recreation of visitors and locals alike. Meanwhile, those who wish to engage more actively with history or art rather than the outdoors can head to one of the numerous museums, galleries and theatres in town.

Some of the breath-taking landmarks in the Gower Peninsula even combine being historic sites with a more current function as hosts to a number of musical performances – with plenty of events you can’t miss!

What’s more, if you are struggling to choose between a classic Welsh village and a cosmopolitan European resort for your next holiday destination, you needn’t look further – Mumbles offers both, in a manner that is simultaneously tranquil and multi-coloured.


Cafes and Restaurants in Swansea, Gower and Mumbles

Whether you’re looking for the best places to eat in Swansea between hours of holiday exploration, or you are the type of foodie who sees your meal time as an event in itself, you will find plenty of cafés and restaurants in Mumbles, Swansea or Gower and the surrounding areas to match your needs.

Traditional pub lovers will find plenty of establishments where they can relax and enjoy a couple of drinks and a regional meal across Gower, Mumbles and Swansea – all three of which are peppered with charming pubs and inns with outdoor seating available for the sunny afternoons. Many of the traditional pubs offer an exquisite selection of locally made drinks (sometimes complete with an on-site brewery, like the Pilot Inn and the Greyhound Inn) for the beer lovers, and often feature live music performances.

If you would rather make a short stop at a coffee shop in Swansea and grab a light snack before you head back out, you wouldn’t have to look far – Swansea city centre in particular is closely populated with charming cafes like the Swigg, many of which turn into popular bars in the evenings. Particularly popular in the area are also the world class ice-cream parlours which can be found nestled along the tranquil Mumbles’ streets.

There’s also plenty of choice available to lovers of contemporary cuisine – scattered around are some of the best restaurants in Swansea and the Gower area, offering locally sourced food and freshly-caught seafood – you can take your pick of atmosphere and location without compromising with the quality. You can enjoy a meaty meal in the local Chaplins Steakhouse or let you appetite take you on a trip around the world in one of the many cosmopolitan restaurants. Visit one of the many popular European cuisines in the quality Italian restaurants and French restaurants in Swansea, and charming tapas places with a traditional rustic atmosphere. Or take a tasty trip with exotic dishes in one of the Indian restaurants in Swansea or Thai delicacies.

To sweeten the meal further, many of the restaurants in Swansea and the surrounding areas are also pet-friendly, so it’s definitely worth looking into bringing your furry friend along for a tasty dinner!

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