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Find Places to Stay in Swansea, Gower and Mumbles

Whether it's a short break in a Gower cottage, a stay in a Swansea apartment or Mumbles holiday home, we've got it all... 

If you have your sights set on a holiday in Gower and the surrounding areas, you are in luck – the region offers a great selection of places to stay which can match even the most niche tastes. 

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Find the perfect Gower Peninsula, Swansea Marina or Mumbles holiday letting

Choose from a vast array of modern apartments located at the heart of one of the towns along the Gower Peninsula, all of which offer stunning views over the bright blue waters.

Alternatively, you can opt for one of the many cottages Gower has to offer – ideal for the lovers of the outdoors, this sort of accommodation allows you to get in touch with nature and creates a feeling of seclusion whilst keeping you within an easy reach of the historic sites and stunning beaches in the surrounding area.

Whether you are just looking to stay the night, or planning an extended stay to explore the region, there are places to stay which will meet your needs. No matter if you are travelling as a couple and looking for a modern apartment or even just a bed to crash on after a long day of exploring, or you have a big family which needs to rent an entire house or a cosy cottage surrounded by gardens where the children can run undisturbed, there are plenty of suitable options for everyone.

Take your pick of location – choose the mystical Gower and stay within an easy reach of stunning scenery, fairy-tale like archaeological wonders and beautiful beaches. Or visit Mumbles and spend the night at one of the favourite hangouts of the poet Dylan Thomas, amidst craft shops, galleries and artisan dining spots. Or perhaps head towards metropolitan Swansea and Swansea Marina, where culture, nature, history and a vibrant nightlife will all be at your doorstep.

Whatever starting point you choose for your next adventure, you can have the ideal place to stay as you explore the stunning Gower region.


Places to Stay in Swansea

There are a number of reasons why Swansea if the perfect choice for places to stay in the Gower Peninsula - it’s an ideal starting point for exploration for the entire region and will provide you with a great place to come back to after wandering around the surrounding towns, while still keeping you in the centre of events.

Moreover, if you choose to book your accommodation in Swansea, you needn’t leave the city itself to find all sorts of entertainment. There’s a vast number of things to do in Swansea within your reach: museums and historical sites, beautiful parks and exciting outdoor activities to keep everyone entertained – whether it’s taking to the trees at Go Ape Margam Park or enjoying a fun day at Footgolf Swansea trying to get a football in to an over-sized golf hole. There’s also a rich selection of cafés and restaurants for the foodies looking to explore quality cuisine.

The majority of places to stay in Swansea are located on the beautiful Swansea Marina, which means they offer stunning panoramic sea views across the marina, as well as views towards the Swansea Valleys and the city itself. While you won’t find secluded cottages in Swansea because of the city’s cosmopolitan nature, the apartment complexes are all within easy reach of the beautiful Swansea Bay beach, which is an ideal place to relax on a sunny day. Most of the museums, theatres, restaurants and cafes are also a stone’s throw away, some of them even conveniently in the same building as the apartment – like The Grape & Olive top-floor bar & restaurant above the Meridian Tower apartment and the popular Coast Cafe below Marina Villas.

If you are planning a holiday in Swansea, you have a choice of beautifully presented accommodation – the spacious and light one and two-bedroom flats with open plan living areas offer something for everyone – whether you’re travelling as a family, a couple or friends who are exploring the area together. Most flats also have balconies so you can better enjoy the stunning panoramic views courtesy of the marina location.


Places to Stay in Gower

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Welsh culture and picturesque surroundings, Gower is the ideal place to stay for you. It’s no coincidence that the Gower Peninsula is the first place in the UK to be recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – it is home to stunningly varied wildlife, and boasts some of the most beautiful golden beaches in the area, such as the award-winning Rhossili Bay beach.

Booking a holiday in one of the various welcoming places to stay in Gower means you’re just a stone’s throw from a number of thrilling activities – lovers of the outdoors can enjoy a day of surfing or hiking with Big Blue Adventures, play golf or visit one of the many mystical historical sites in the region like King Arthur's Stone. Gower also offers a range of traditional pubs where you can relax, taste award-winning, locally-sourced food and enjoy some of the best ales in the region.

Many of the wonderful places to stay in Gower are located near the stunning beach at Caswell Bay, making them the ideal place to relax and enjoy the stunning views that they offer over the bay. You have a choice between staying in one of the exquisite Redcliffe Apartments and enjoy contemporary accommodation complete with sea views and a beach practically at your doorstep, or venture out to a picturesque hideaway in one of the more remote holiday cottages around Gower – like the charming Mulberry Hill Cottage which sits overlooking Three Cliffs Bay.

For those of you planning a holiday in Gower, take your pick of high standard holiday homes and accommodation – both for lovers of more contemporary retreats and those who prefer to have their alone time away from the town hustle and bustle will be able to find their ideal place to stay while their explore the picturesque beaches and archaeological sites of the mystical Gower Peninsula.

When you've found the perfect Gower cottage, best holiday apartment in Swansea or beachside property in Mumbles, why not discover one of the many things to do in Swansea, Gower and the surrounding areas.